About the Artist

From an early age my mother kept me inspired. My earliest creative attempts were weaving cotton loops into potholders, and making cords through a wooden device that grew lengths of woven yarn but for what purpose I don’t know. I didn’t discover until much later that there is a difference between making and creating. Making was for me the repeating of something I had learned, over and over, systematically, repeatedly, satisfyingly with the ultimate result being the making of something. It was always someone else’s pattern and I would repeat it over and over. Then on to machine stitching to make doll clothing and then adult clothing. Always someone else’s pattern. Patterning 101. In high school I whipped off cable knit sweaters which still sit in plastic storage containers in my basement. Creating was different. Creating was coming up with something new, something that was the birth of the old taking a new form. It had a different feeling. It felt free, it had a different spirit. It was harder to self judge it because it had no point of comparison. It wasn't held alongside a pattern.

When I was 4 or 5 years old I won a sheep at a local county fair. Can you just imagine the elation?? But then someone more adult than I decided it would be a lot of trouble to keep it and so goodbye sweet sheep. I have spent my entire life looking for that sheep through my many wool endeavors.

That is not to say I didn’t do what those more adult than me wanted me to do. I graduated from Tufts University and received a Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut in Gifted Education. I was truly fortunate. I taught and developed programs for Gifted and Talented students in local school districts. I loved it. But then with 3 children facing 4 years of college and graduate school, I shifted gears and went into financial advisory services, where I worked for more than thirty years. During that time I continued to dally in right brained activities. I enjoyed crewel embroidery, stitchery, needlepoint, blackwork, rug hooking, braided rugs, and mixed media. Then, in about 2008 I fell in love with felting and decided this was my passion. I studied among the best in the field, domestic and international. I made beautiful creations but again they often were replicas of what I had been taught. Patterns, someone else's way of doing. Then one day I saw botanical prints of leaves on felting, and knew I had arrived. Eco or botanical printing made an image that I had never thought could be more beautiful. I began to create like never before. Not someone else’s pattern but an image of mother nature’s beauty. Something which could be as varied of the shapes of leaves in the universe. Each one different. Mother Nature doesn't believe in patterns.

 My love of the natural world extends in many directions. I love being in it. My hikes find me collecting new possibilities for my printing experiences. Some of the most common leaves are the most printable and beautiful.The alchemy of eco printing is beyond measure and the surprises are constant. Adding natural dye color transforms the results into possibilities I could not have imagined, as the chemicals combine to create new pigmentation for the leaf images being printed. 

Come journey with me into an amazing world.